Hey! Welcome to your Thinking on the Spot course

This page contains some extra material and links which will complement the notes that you will receive in hardcopy on the day of the course. Feel free to download or print (remember to consider the environment – do you really need to print?). If you use your computer as a learning tool in the training context, bring it along, I will let you know when to let it have a rest.

There is a reminder of what we will cover on the day, much more material in my ideas cloud and if I am really lucky you may even send me some stuff that works for you and I will add it in so everyone can benefit!

I will not actually be putting you on the spot during the day (well maybe I might invite you to towards the end of the day when you have become an expert in the techniques!) but it will still be your choice.

The day will be full of practise, fun exercises and peer learning, videos and the odd surprise!

I am looking forward to meeting you.




09:00 Coffee and Registration
09:30 So – what do you want?! Introduction, Approach and Structure of the Course
Sound, solid skills – getting your framework in place
09:45 The four “must have” steps to answering questions
Sound, solid skills – getting your framework in place
10.00 Observing Others
Improv. Some simple approaches from the world of improvisation Obama, Politicians etc
10.30 Buying yourself thinking time
Ask, tell and sell using the 4 As
11.00 Refreshments
11.15 Two structures for question answering
12.15 Practise
13.00 Lunch
13.45 Three more structures for question answering
Make it Your Own
14.45 Insights
15.00 Refreshments
15.15 Bring it to life and moving on to a higher level of skill
16.30 Finish



1. Tune your attention into people you see who you consider are “Thinking on the Spot” well. Good places for this are the TV news, Newsnight interviews and interviews with people you can find on YouTube. Of course many of these will be answers where the question was known in advance, but nevertheless…

2. Think about what the three main elements you can see and hear that makes you think that this person is “Thinking on the Spot” well.

3. If you see or hear someone you think is not doing it well, spot the three things that you think are making that so.

4. If you are technologically minded – record or download or copy the link to one that you find interesting, and bring it with you, or even better send it to me in advance and we might use it.

5. Our first exercise when we get together will be “what do you already know about “thinking on the spot””. So have a think about that before you come.

and finally
6. Please email me and let me know why it is you want to do this course, and what you would like to have achieved by the end of our day together.